Snuggies Hot 2012

Hot Snuggies for the 2012 Holiday Season!

Snuggies have been a hot item for nearly a decade.  It all started with the basic Snuggie which included Burgundy, Royal Blue and Sage Green.

Next came Designer Snuggies with your choice of Leopard, Zebra or Camel.

The next big step came when Snuggies became available in your favorite sports teams.  Sports Snuggies available include College, MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL.

With holiday season now here, what are the top Snuggies for 2012.  Here at we have you covered.

Click below to see the current Snuggie selection

College Snuggies – a collection of your favorite NCAA teams

NFL Snuggies – available in all NFL teams

NBA Snuggies – many of the top NBA teams are now available

MLB Snuggies – Snuggies for all of your favorite Major League Baseball teams

NHL Snuggies – get your favorite Hockey Snuggies here

Solid Snuggies – come in the following colors (True Blue, Green with Envy, Cotton Candy Pink, Brown Microplush, Purple Haze, Crimson Red Microplush)

Snuggie Prints – available in Boston Plaid Microplush, Tattoo, Camouflage, Zebra Microplush, Leopard Microplush, Tie Dye, Buffalo Plaid Microplush and Peace

Designer Snuggies – available in Leopard, Zebra and Camel

Custom Snuggies – choose from preprinted options Family, Funny, Kids, Sports, Specialty or create your own

Snuggies for Dogs – snuggies are now available in two styles for dogs (Buffalo Plaid Coats and Tie Dye Coats)