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Face Coverings

Cover up while you represent your teams. Single and 3-Packs are available from FOCO! NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and more. Get your favorite protective face mask today.

National Football League (NFL) Face Coverings

Arizona Cardinals – 3 Pack | Single
Atlanta Falcons – 3 Pack | Single
Baltimore Ravens – 3 Pack | Single
Buffalo Bills – 3 Pack | Single
Carolina Panthers3 Pack | Single
Chicago Bears – 3 Pack | Single
Cincinnati Bengals –
3 Pack | Single
Cleveland Browns –
3 Pack | Single
Dallas Cowboys –
3 Pack | Single
Denver Broncos
3 Pack | Single
Detroit Lions
3 Pack | Single
Green Bay Packers
3 Pack | Single
Houston Texans
3 Pack | Single
Indianapolis Colts
3 Pack | Single
Jacksonville Jaguars
3 Pack | Single
Kansas City Chiefs
3 Pack | Single
Las Vegas Raiders 3 Pack | Single
Los Angeles Chargers
3 Pack | Single
Los Angeles Rams
3 Pack | Single
Miami Dolphins
3 Pack | Single
Minnesota Vikings
3 Pack | Single
New England Patriots
3 Pack | Single
New Orleans Saints
3 Pack | Single
New York Giants
3 Pack | Single
New York Jets
3 Pack | Single
Philadelphia Eagles
3 Pack | Single
Pittsburgh Steelers
3 Pack | Single
San Francisco 49ers
3 Pack | Single
Seattle Seahawks
3 Pack | Single
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3 Pack | Single
Tennessee Titans
3 Pack | Single
Washington Redskins
3 Pack | Single

National Basketball Association (NBA) Face Coverings

Atlanta Hawks3 Pack | Single
Boston Celtics – 3 Pack | Single
Brooklyn Nets – 3 Pack | Single
Charlotte Hornets – 3 Pack | Single
Chicago Bulls – 3 Pack | Single


Welcome to!  We have the best Snuggie inventory and pricing on the web.  Click the links below, and to your left to find your favorite Snuggie.

Sports Snuggies

College Snuggies – College Snuggies are perfect for tailgating, at the game or watching the game on your couch.  Click the link to see the available schools.

NFL Snuggies – Snuggies are available in all 32 NFL teams.  Click the link to find your favorite team.

MLB Snuggies  – It is playoff time for Major League Baseball.  Watch your favorite team with the warmth and convenience of a MLB Snuggie.  Click to find your team.

NBA Snuggies – Basketball Snuggies are available for many of the top NBA teams.  Click to see if we have your favorite team.

NHL Snuggies – The teams may be locked out, but your team’s Snuggies.  Make the lock out more bearable by waiting it out with an NHL Snuggie.  Click the see them all.

Classic Snuggies

Snuggies are still available in the original classic styles.   Shop for your favorite!

Designer Snuggie – Designer Snuggies come in Leopard, Camel and Zebra.  Click the link to find your favorite.

Custom Snuggies – Can’t find a Snuggie you like?  Customize your own with a Custom Snuggie.  Click the link to get started.

Snuggies for Dogs – Buffalo Plaid is the newest style for dogs.  Click the link to find a Snuggie for your best friend.

Snuggies for Kids – Is your son or daughter jealous of your Snuggie?  Get them their own Snuggie made just for kids.  Click to find the right one.


Summer is officially over and Autumn has began, it is time to get ready for that winter chill.  The most stylish way to stay warm is dressing yourself in your favorite sports snuggie.

A Sports Snuggie not only keeps you warm, it also makes you look good, allows you to show support your favorite team and most importantly keeps your hands free to dial a cell phone, eat a hot dog or hold on to the beer of your choice.

Snuggies and Huddlers are now available in many of your favorite sports teams.  The collection includes all NFL teams, the top college teams, NHL, NBA and MLB teams and more continue to get added.

Christmas is just around the corner, and you can’t go wrong with a sports snuggie for a gift.  Click the links below to shop for your favorite!