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Snuggie Tails

Snuggie Tails are the hottest Snuggies out right now, your kids will love them. They are comfy, super duper soft, very cozy and wearable all year long.

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Sports Snuggies

  • College Snuggies – College Snuggies are perfect for tailgating, at the game or watching the game on your couch.  Click the link to see the available schools.
  • NFL Snuggies – Snuggies are available in all 32 NFL teams.  Click the link to find your favorite team.
  • MLB Snuggies  – It is playoff time for Major League Baseball.  Watch your favorite team with the warmth and convenience of a MLB Snuggie.  Click to find your team.
  • NBA Snuggies – Basketball Snuggies are available for many of the top NBA teams.  Click to see if we have your favorite team.
  • NHL Snuggies – The teams may be locked out, but your team’s Snuggies.  Make the lock out more bearable by waiting it out with an NHL Snuggie.  Click the see them all.

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